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The IRC Vision  The IRC is the go-to resource for the local global talent mobility community, serving businesses and individuals requiring personnel relocation, providers of relocation services, and assistance for people relocated to the inter-mountain area.

The IRC Mission  The IRC’s twofold focus is to:

Provide information, educational events and networking opportunities to  inter-mountain companies and ancillary organizations involved with global talent mobility.

Host activities and provide a calendar of events for expats, inpats, service providers, and the businesses involved with global relocation to promote experiential social interaction for those new to our region.

non-profit group that provides education for those interested in the field of Global Mobility.  What is Global Mobility?  Every day tens of thousands of people make a move, go through a relocation, or change their residence.  Some people are moving across town, others across the world. 

Relocation can be stressful, even when the individual being relocated is well supported by a corporate entity.  The IRC helps anyone who is interested in the field of Global Mobility, or who has recently moved to the inter-mountain region.  The IRC's main goal is to help educate companies in the Inter-mountain region (Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming, Montana, Western Slope Colorado) with regards to best practices in the field of global mobility and to provide adaptation resources for people new to the region.

Are you a manager responsible for relocation at your company?   We educate companies regarding developments and best practices in the field of global mobility with a focus on helping you increase the success of your relocation efforts. Come network with us!  Come learn how to attract and retain your talent base more effectively! 

Are you new to the region, or to Utah? Wasatch Global - A Social Networking Group helps people acclimate and adjust to Utah by offering regular events for free to recently relocated individuals and families.  You will benefit from networking with other “new” people to the area.

Are you an industry professional looking for a challenging and meaningful professional objective for 2015?  The IRC Test Connect group assists in the education of professionals who want to earn their Certified Relocation Professional (CRP) or Global Mobility Specialist (GMS) designations, offered by the Worldwide ERC (Employer Relocation Council). 

Consider becoming a member of the IRC, and supporting growth in our region.

If you handle your company’s relocation programs, this is the place for you.

Please enjoy our site and feel free to contact us for more information.

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